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About the Name Lawn Jockey

In the days of the Underground Railroad, lawn jockeys-those lamp-bearing decorative statues you often find at the beginning of a walkway-were part of the code. If the light was off, it was a “safe house” where a fugitive slave could find refuge.

The New Englanders who lived in these safe houses were doing something to make the world better, even at great personal risk. Another kind of jockey is the athlete, always seeking to do the best-to find kinship with the 1000-pound force of nature, of muscle and strength and speed, that almost flies toward the winner’s circle. To honor the spirits of both the world-improver and the top performer, as we make the world better through exquisite, perfectly executed, ecologically sensitive, visually attractive design tailored to your unique tastes and your unique property, we still use the name “Lawn Jockey.” The name also helps to remember our own humble beginnings as a lawn mowing service.

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