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Landscape Design, 3D Design

Transform the drab and too-familiar with a new landscape design.

Maybe there’s something that always bugged you about your property, and this is the time to deal with it. Or perhaps you’ve always felt something was missing—but you either couldn’t figure out what it needed, or couldn’t find the time to get it done.

Designing your ideal landscape doesn’t have to be confusing. With our vast landscape knowledge and use of  design software, we can generate high-resolution images (and video) of your home and the finished landscape project.  If you dream it, we can make it a digital reality.

As with any landscape design project, ideas and opinions can evolve throughout the process. We can quickly and easily adjust your plan to suit any changes you might want to make. We can even make changes with you while reviewing the plan!

Gone are the days of the traditional black and white 2D (bird’s-eye-view) plan, often drawn on simple graph paper (or worse, a cocktail napkin!). Our customers get to see their plan come to life in 3D and can view it from different angles, giving them a real feel for the project.

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Once we finalize the plan (or one that has already been done for you), our highly skilled landscape artisans take over.  Utilizing their unique skills, they bring your landscape design to life.

Our staff spends many hours in the classroom over the course of the year, learning the latest industry standards so they can provide you with the most beautifully crafted outdoor kitchens, patios, gardens and other outdoor elements.

Outdoor Fire Features

Goshen stone Patio

Installing a fireplace in your outdoor living space will create the ultimate entertainment area. Decorate with a loveseat, coffee table, planters, and candles and you’ve created an outdoor living room. A fireplace can also help provide privacy between you and your neighbor’s home, as well as a beautiful focal point for your guests.

Dine al Fresco with an outdoor kitchen!

Grilling out is a staple part of the summer, but why confine your inner chef to a simple Weber ™ grill when you can have a whole outdoor kitchen!

An outdoor kitchen can be as simple as a grill enclosure or as complex as a bar, grill, pizza oven, and more.

Hardscape creates elegant Patios, Walkways, and Walls—or Even Sculpture!

Stone work, or “hardscape,” is the backbone of any successful long-term landscaping project. The stone sets up and marks different zones of the property, provides access even to the far corners, and controls drainage. Working in brick, field stone, pavers or cobblestone, landscape artisians use their deep knowledge for the material to build something comfortable, personal, functional, and beautiful

There are many benefits to installing a Hardscape:

  • Increase your property value. The right hardscaping can increase your property value as well as your home’s curb appeal. One recent study suggested that hardscaping projects can deliver a return on investment as high as 150 percent.
  • Expand your living space. Hardscaping can be used to create an outdoor room with amenities that rival your indoor space, such as a full outdoor kitchen, built-in seating, and an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. This outdoor space will be perfect for entertaining guests and will allow you to enjoy nature and immerse yourself in your landscape rather than just admire it from your window.
  • Fix grade issues. If you have a sloping or uneven yard, hardscaping such as retaining walls, tiered patios, and stone stairs and paths can transform it into usable space. It can also help prevent erosion.
  • Provide shade and privacy. Covered patios, trellises, stone walls, and pergolas are perfect for creating shade, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor area out of the glare of the sun. These same structures can also provide privacy from high traffic areas or nosy neighbors
  • Reduce maintenance. Hardscapes don’t need watering, mowing, or weeding, adding hardscaping is a great way to reduce the maintenance needed for your landscape. Instead, just sit back and enjoy.

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